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A guide to help the average man... look less average

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J.Crew Ludlow Traveler

Mark Kwak

I think J.Crew has been stepping it up in the menswear game for some time now. When I first became interested in menswear, I wasn't too much a fan of J.Crew, but their partnerships, strategy, and designs have been changing my perception more and more.

Recently they put out this cool little video about the "Ludlow Traveler." Just a quick short about a dude traveling around while in his J.Crew Ludlow suit (a decent looking suit if you're a newcomer to menswear). Yeah, it's marketing, but check it out, perhaps it'll make you want to wear a suit more often.



Sorry. And also Indochino in SF

Mark Kwak

A couple things of note in today's post. 1. My site has been down for the last 3 days. So, so sorry about that. Some weird things went on with the webhosting. If you're still with me, thank you big time.

2. Spring is almost already here. Unbelievable how time flies by huh? My slacking in putting out content about winter coats and trends needs to come to an end.

3. Indochino, a men's made to measure suit, shirt, and accessories company, will be coming to town in San Francisco this coming week and a half.

For those of you guys who aren't familiar with Indochino, let me try to fill you in as best as I can. A couple years ago, online made-to-measure suit companies started to pop up like flies, coming in all directions. Some preached the value of being able to measure yourself without paying for it, others offered to pay for any afterward alterations that you made to any suit of theirs.

Either way, this concept became pretty trendy, and a couple companies stood out as frontrunners of this movement. I would argue the top two known brands were Suit Supply (located in NYC) and Indochino.

To be frank, I've never tried on an Indochino suits before, but the word of mouth has been nothing short of awesome. Some of my friends have worn Indochino suits to their own weddings, so I trust that the product is pretty decent. I'll certainly have to try one in order to make any of my own judgements though.

So onto the details. Indochino is going to be at Union Square in SF from March 13th (yesterday) to the 23rd. They'll bring their "traveling tailor" pop-up and will give you a free fitting in the case that you're looking to try one of their suits. Check it:

March 13 - 23 117 Post St. San Francisco

Mon - Fri 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m

Here to book an appointment.So sorry for those outside of the Bay Area, but hopefully they'll be visiting your city soon. Go get 'em guys!

Suits: Audio part 2

Mark Kwak

Today I continue to talk about suits, going over fit, cost, and brands. One thing that my friend mentioned was that I didn't (and unfortunately will not in this episode) cover is the different cuts of suits, whether they be British, Italian, or American. I think it's a topic that's pretty important to cover, so I'll make sure to write about that in a future post.

So here you go, the second part of the suit audio piece:

Simplerman Suit Part 2

Suits: Audio part 1

Mark Kwak

In an attempt to use my microphone more and bore the heck out of you with my voice as opposed to my writing, I've recorded a little piece talking about suits. Today we'll go over what suit color, design, and material you should get if you're in the market! And tomorrow, I'll release the second part that goes over fit, cost, and brands/stores.

Here you go:

Simplerman Suit Part 1

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A well-tailored suit...

Mark Kwak

z-menswear-8Source: theBerry

A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men... Hmm.

One of my buddies sent me this image the other day, and though I can't verify this statement myself, I know his girlfriend agreed with it.

So the moral of the story? Get a well-tailored suit. ASAP.

Good fashion on TV

Mark Kwak

Source: Suicideblonde

Let's say you're lazy, and you don't want to read a bunch of Esquire magazines and menswear blogs to get your style advice. Instead, looking good is great, but you just want to sit back after a hard day's work, and watch TV for hours without end, remote control and potato chips in hand.

Well, fear not my lazy, but style-forward brethren. You still have an amazing opportunity to learn about fit, outfit coordination, and style through TV. Yes, it's true, even that time killing box in your living room can help you dress better as a man. I've found myself taking style cues from many folks on TV, and it's both effortless and entertaining. Here are some shows I suggest you watch in order to learn from well-dressed dudes:

suitsSource: TVGuide

1. Suits: This is perhaps my #1 show for fashion. Harvey Specter is a man amongst boys in that show, both in personality and in style. Though he wears incredibly fashionable casual-wear at times, he'll be donning a suit the vast majority of the time. Well-tailored with perfect tie/shirt combos. His costar Mike Ross is also a very fashionable individual, just in a more modern and youthful way. The show's pretty badass as well.

2. White Collar: Only one guy to look for here. Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer). Decked out in Thomas Pink, Paul Smith, and John Varvatos, the man looks incredibly sharp and modern on every episode, and I give mad props to the costume designer who works on the show. Sometimes his suits will be a bit too trendy (razor thin lapels), but for the most part, the guy knows how to dress.

3. Parks & Recreation: There are two well-dressed men here. And one guy that doesn't dress particularly well, but that you should learn to be like in general. The well dressed men are Ben Wyatt (played by Adam Scott) and Tom Haverford (played by Aziz Ansari). They have different styles, but both dress impeccably. As for the guy you should be like, his name is Ron Swanson, follow his every command.

4. Mad Men: We've seen plenty of Mad Men themed parties out. People dressing to the nines, looking well groomed and incredibly classy. These parties stem from the public acknowledgement of dapperness in the show, and for good reason. Virtually all the men in this show dress well (definitely Roger Sterling and Don Draper), though most of the suit designs lean more classic than modern. If you want to look good in business, this is probably the show for you.

5. Community: Jeff Winger, the main character of this show, is a very good dresser in my opinion. He wears casual clothing most of the time, but still looks styling and profiling. No one else really stands out for me in the show, but in real life, Troy and Abed both dress very well. Check out their GQ photo shoots and in person interviews. 

6. Game of Thrones: Thick fur coats, medieval armor, and full blown nudity are IN this season. Just kidding, don't take fashion cues from this show. Instead, just watch it because it's the best show ever.

So the next time you plop down on the couch to watch some television, pay some attention to the shows and characters I mentioned above. You'll be getting your well deserved resting time while also learning about proper fit & fashion.

PS: I didn't forget Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. I just think everyone else on the show does not dress well at all so I omitted it. 

Signature style: the suit

Mark Kwak

Source: StyleBistro

Several weeks ago, I launched a series called Signature Style, where the goal was to showcase some very particular looks that might help you discover, or at least think about, your own signature style. The first two posts in the series covered some very distinct looks. The first being the Thom Browne look, or as I coined it, American Schoolboy Prep, and the second being a more flamboyant one called Dandy Dapper.

Well today, I'm going to tone it way down, and introduce a style you're all probably familiar with. An outfit that will never get old, and will always remain acceptable: the formal suit.

We all probably know at least one individual who dons this signature style. The buddy who goes straight to his suit when an occasion isn't purely casual. Think Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother (yeah, yeah, I know he's just a character).

Here's my friend Joe in what I would consider one of the quintessential menswear looks of all time: the white shirt, brown shoes, plain navy suit look. Dashing, huh?

Joe9This outfit is simultaneously classic and modern. Classic in that the outfit combination has stood the test of time, modern in that the fit and finish belongs here in the now.


Though navy suits work for both day and night, I think that they're most attractive when they're reflecting the moonlight.


The details matter. Adding a pocket square and tie bar upgrades this already fantastic outfit substantially.


It all boils down to fit. Some might argue that a slight tug on the middle button is a good thing, or a bad thing, but I personally like an ever so slight tug.


Dark brown is my favorite color to complement a navy pant. Oh, by the way, don't skimp on footwear when you're in a suit.


Make sure to add a classic leather strap watch to an outfit like this. I personally believe in a situation like this, it's as important as the suit itself.

 Suit: J.Crew | Shirt: Brooks Brothers | Tie: Theory | Tie Bar: Thetiebar

Pocket Square: Joseph A Bank | Watch: Timex | Shoes: Allen Edmonds

I think there's nothing wrong with being the guy who suits up at any chance he gets. I mean, there's a clear reason for why the suit is in the highest echelon of menswear. It's a symbol of put-togetherness, of class, and of masculinity. It doesn't necessarily have to be part of your signature style, but I would always encourage people to take their suit for a spin every now and again. It feels good, and looks great.

As many have said before- take advantage of being a man. Wear a suit.