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A guide to help the average man... look less average

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Having just one accessory

Mark Kwak

I think too often, we approach accessories as items we can easily interchange. Magazines and fashion blogs are constantly pushing people to buy a variety of different accessories, just so they can wear one color or fabric on a given day, and something completely different the next day.

Think wristbands, or watches. Sunglasses and scarves. Changing between different types day by day.

Well today, I feel the need to say quite the opposite of all these magazines and fashion blogs. Personally, I'm a fan of a person who consistently wears the same accessories, and ultimately, through repetition, really makes them his own.

I'll give you an example. Ever since I was a little kid, my father wore the same wrist watch day in and day out. This accessory of his became a small, but tangible part of who he was to me. If I saw him without his watch anytime our family went out somewhere, something was definitely a little weird.

One of my roommates is another example. He wears one pair of sunglasses, and hasn't even thought about getting another. "I have one that looks and works well, what's the point of getting another one?" I kind of agree.

Anyhow, I think it's refreshing to see a person wear their tried and true accessories over and over again, without making any changes. As long as they're confidently worn, and out of your choice.

Here are the accessories I think make for good "one-only" pieces:

1. Sunglasses. When I think Tom Cruise, I think Ray-Ban aviator. Him wearing another pair (which I'm sure he does) just doesn't seem right.

2. Eyeglasses. One of my buddies alternates between two glasses. However, he used to wear just one type before. I like his image wearing just the original pair.

3. Watches. I personally have two watches I'd like to rotate between, but there's something really cool about someone who just wears one watch everyday. As long as it's relatively conservative in appearance, why not?

4. Wallet. Don't really see the point of alternating between a bunch of wallets since it's in your pocket most of the time.

5. Keychain. Same argument as wallet.

Sure, some people like to rotate between different types out of each of these accessories because it can be boring to have the same one all the time. I don't disagree with you! Nonetheless, I'm saying there is some virtue to just having one.

My suggestion is to get a worthwhile, high quality version of each of these accessories, and stick with just one of them. People will associate the accessory with you, and there will be a sentimental aspect to that said accessory over time.

Plus it makes your life simpler. You'll be a simpler man. Yep I went there.


Accessories Part 2: Eyeglasses, Cuff Links, Gloves

Mark Kwak

Time for the second installment of my accessories series. Today, we'll be covering eyeglasses, cuff links, and gloves. All accessories that are, in my opinion, usually unnecessary unless you actually need them for functional reasons. What do I mean by this? Well, I think men who have perfect vision, don't own french cuff shirts, and live in warmer climates, do not need any of the above accessories. However, in the case where you have bad vision, own a french cuff shirt, and live in a cold area, you absolutely need all of these accessories. Okay, enough with the obvious.

First, eyeglasses. To be honest, I think this one is especially hard to give any advice on. Mainly because the aesthetics of a pair of glasses differs drastically based on the shape of one's face. Lenscrafters has this interesting recommendation sheet for different face shapes, so check it out if you have the time. Anyway, for this reason, what I'll do is show you a couple types of eyeglasses that I'm a fan of, and different attributes I like.

1. Classic black plastic rims

2. Tortoise for brown haired folk

3. Clubmasters for small or skinny faces.

Next, cuff links. If you wear french cuff shirts, you should definitely own a couple pairs of cuff links. The first pair you get should be relatively conservative, usually in a gold or silver, or whatever matches your other metals (watch, belt buckle, etc.). I generally recommend silver as it will be the most neutral metal color out there.

If you're going to own only one pair, get something relatively plain if you can, like below:

Once you've got your main ones, it's always fun to branch out into other random shapes and designs. Kind of like these:

Source: VictorSF

And if you're in the mood for cheap, casual cufflinks, I'm a fan of knot cufflinks. Here are some by Brooks Brothers in case you don't know what they are. They're simple, fun, and will certainly get the job done.

Lastly, gloves. If we are talking about gloves used for non-outdoorsy purposes, I think that you really need to get a pair of leather or wool (or cashmere) gloves. Cotton, as well as synthetics, do not do a good job of keeping your hands warm or dry. As for color, if you're going leather, brown or black is best. For wool, I'd say it's more flexible, but I'm a fan of grey or brown. Here are a couple that I'm a fan of:

Source: VictorSF


Okay, so there are my next three preferences! Again, these are really just my preferences, so don't be offended if your favorite design or brand isn't up here. Watch out for the next set of accessories soon!