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A guide to help the average man... look less average

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Mark Kwak

Wristwear has been all the fad lately. More and more, I'm seeing guys wear stacks on stacks on stacks of bracelets extending from their wrists up to potentially their mid forearms. It's become, to some extent, commonplace.

How do I feel about this trend? Well, I'm a bit torn. Do I like the aesthetics of a wristband or two on a guy's arm? Yeah I do. Do I think that men of class (a la George Clooney, Don Draper) would choose to wear a wristband (apart from their watch)? Probably not. Would I ever wear a colorful wristband to a board meeting? Absolutely not.

As many of you guys know, I'm a huge fan of wristwatches, and feel that all men should go out right now and purchase a watch if possible. However, wristbands/bracelets are a bit more flashy and/or casual, since they serve no functional purpose. They're purely for aesthetics, and for this reason, I don't find them to be essential in anyway.

That being said, they do add a bit of spice to any outfit, and you can especially benefit during the Spring and Summer when your arms are exposed. So here's my advice. If you don't always need to look professional in your day-to-day, and enjoy the aesthetics of a bracelet or two, go for it! But here are my suggestions.

1. One or two : Don't be one of those guys who wears fifteen bracelets on both wrists, trying to make a giant statement about how you're the most fashionable guy this side of the Mississippi. Stick with a single bracelet or two. I personally like wearing just one on the wrist I wear my watch on.

2. Leather + metal : I think fabric bracelets are cool, and they often come in a multitude of colors and patterns. However, they're not all that versatile. Unless you have a giant wristband collection, I would stick with a solid colored leather bracelet with maybe some metal accents.

3. Brown , gray, black : Again, there are tons of colors out there for wristbands. However, if you want to stick with owning only a couple, then I suggest going for a bit of a mute color, like brown, gray, or black. This way, whether you're dressed up or down, your wristband will remain appropriate.

Put This On has a good list of some wristbands for you if you're interested. Personally, I like Miansai or Tod's bracelets the most, but they can be a bit prohibitively expensive.

Anyhow, cheers, and happy Monday!



Accessories 3: Bracelets, Bags, Belts

Mark Kwak

To continue the accessories series I started a couple weeks ago, today we go over the three B's: bracelets, bags, and belts. Let's get started. I generally don't wear bracelets, but I've started to see a definite resurgence in men wearing stylish bracelets within the past few months. I've also seen people take this social acceptance of men's bracelets as full-out permission to wear fifteen different types of bracelets at one time. I certainly don't think you should go that far, but I do think that wearing a bracelet or two can help add some character to your daily outfits.

The types of bracelets that I like to see are generally made of leather, but I've definitely seen some really cool metal, string, and rope ones as well. Miansai is probably my favorite bracelet maker right now, but I've definitely seen some nice bracelets come from a variety of other more popular brands, like Ferragamo, or Brooks Brothers.

Here are a couple leather ones that I find pretty cool:

The anchor hook bracelet by Miansai is also a favorite of mine:


Next, bags. I've mentioned this before, but I think that a man should really make sure to own at least one bag for his daily commute and one bag for his travels. Usually, my favorite combination is one briefcase and one duffel. Sure there are also other types of bags out there, like roller carry-ons, backpacks, messenger bags, etc. but for the sake of this article, I'm sticking with my two main preferences.

With regards to briefcases, I'm generally a fan of black or brown leather briefcases. Slim in profile, simple in design. And I'm not talking about those old school boxy briefcases from back in the eighties and nineties. I'm talking about briefcases that can take a bit of a beating, look a little worn in, and that you can perhaps get a strap for to sling over your shoulder. Like this:

As for duffles (or duffels; can't seem to figure out what the right spelling is), I like canvas bags the most. They're rugged, durable, and look amazing. Of course, Filson is my go-to for canvas duffles, but I also really like the ones Everlane makes.


When it comes to belts, I suggest you to own at least three major belts. One black leather one, one brown leather one, and one casual belt made from any fabric as you see fit.  For example, a good casual option is a braided/woven belt. Maybe not frayed at the end like this one below, but you get the picture.

Also, keep your belts relatively subdued if they're dress belts. Overtly branded belts like below are no good in my opinion:

So there's the 3 B's: bracelets, bags, and belts. Keep a watch out once again for the last couple entries of this series soon. Cheers!