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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Self restraint is manly

Mark Kwak

Source: pmsmedia

Source: pmsmedia

Once you get in the groove of buying clothing, accessories, and other products that improve your image to the outside world, it's easy to fall into an endless hole of purchases.

I've seen it before- the less-informed men who never dared to enter a shopping mall finally accumulating some knowledge on menswear, grooming, the works. These folks suddenly finding themselves visiting the mall more than their female counterparts. Soon enough their closets are jam packed with every variety of shirt, their medicine cabinets with an endless supply of product...

A word of advice: self restraint is a good thing, quite admirable actually. You've just learned a ton about raw selvedge denim? Purchase one pair, not the whole rack. Your girlfriend teaches you a thing or two about haircare? Get a nice pomade and call it a day, don't worry about the marketing that tells you how many other products you'll need.

When someone comes over to your apartment and finds an organized closet without clutter, a medicine cabinet with just pomade, cologne, and toothpaste, and a shoe rack with four pairs of shoes, I'm sure he/she'll appreciate the "man who cares but not too much" image you give off.

Now, if only I would listen to my own advice...