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Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Mark Kwak

Ever heard of the tennis player Stan Smith? Well even if you haven't, you've probably seen his shoe:

Source: Wufashion

Source: Wufashion

Yeah, I know I'm late to the game on bringing attention to these iconic white sneakers, but better late than never right? In case you're not up with the trend, the Adidas Stan Smith shoe was/is an icon in the sneaker world since probably 1975, and has enjoyed a rather ridiculous resurgence in the last, say, five years.

How much of a resurgence? Well Kanye owns a bunch of pairs. Derek Rose touts them as his main shoe outside of the court. And oh yeah, I called about 12 stores before I could finally get a pair in my size. No joke.

The classics are the white/green version, but they also sell them in white/red, white/navy, white/black, etc. Turns out some of the most popular high end fashion sneakers out there, made by the likes of Common Projects (~$400), Saint Laurent (~$600), and Prada (~$600) all pay homage to these masterful Adidas shoes. WSJ actually wrote about them in an article a while back and had some nice things to say:

Street Cred: Very high. Smiths are the great chameleon of the sneaker world. They’re classy, they’re cool, they’re this season, they’re old-school. It’s almost too easy.
— Wall Street Journal
Source: Hypebeast

Source: Hypebeast

Anyhow, I'm a fan. If you like white sneakers that work in a multitude of casual situations, have some history behind them, and aren't all that expensive for decent quality leather uppers (~$70), grab a pair... if you can find them that is.

PS: Don't get fooled and end up with the Raf Simons version. Sure it might be higher quality, but it's also 6x the price.