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APC Petit New Standard Denim

Mark Kwak

Source: Steven Alan

Source: Steven Alan

APC Petite New Standard Jeans

APC has always been (and by always, I mean like the last six or seven years... perhaps I use hyperbole too often) one of the leaders in premium raw selvedge denim. One of their iconic styles is the raw Petite New Standard, or PNS for short. This is the pair that has a mid rise fit and tapers fairly narrow through the leg.

I've always wanted a pair, but never pulled the trigger. Well, I feel like it's that time of the year when I need to replace my denim, and there's a large possibility that these are the ones I go to next. One thing I will say is that these are notorious for stretching in the waist, so it's best to size down. So if you're a 32 waist, go with a 31.

Source: totokaelo

Source: totokaelo

There's some chatter out there about how the quality of APC jeans are no longer up to snuff compared to their glory days, but honestly, I can't tell the difference. I've also never owned a pair so what do I know? Either way, I still stand by the fact that these are a classic and I would highly recommend folks take a gander. They're $185, which certainly isn't cheap, but the good news is that stores like Azalea or Steven Alan give out 15% coupons for first time visitors, and you can apply them to these.

Oh, and in case you don't really know what selvedge denim is... check out this cool infographic from Cool Material. Cheers folks.

Source: Cool Material

Source: Cool Material