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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Two Quick Friday Tips

Mark Kwak

Source: Nordstrom

Source: Nordstrom

I had a couple random menswear thoughts pop in my mind this week while I was traveling to New York. Wanted to share them with you before I forget!

Fold ‘em:

If you’re wearing a denim jacket, unbutton the cuffs, and fold the sleeve up. 

I just think this look is plain better than having the wrist cuffs buttoned up. The thing is, a denim jacket is about as casual a jacket as you can find. And to keep with the spirit of the jacket, what’s more casual than rolling up the sleeves just a bit?

Roll ‘em:

If you’re wearing long pants and sneakers/athletic shoes with no (or no-show) socks, roll up your pants to show just a bit of ankle. 

Rolling up your pants is trending like no one’s business. And for good reason- ankles look good. One tip for you- when you roll up your pants, make sure you keep the folds small. Giant cuffs will ruin the rolled up pant look.

Source: JCrew

Source: JCrew

Okay, there you go! Random, but hopefully these can help you look just that much more fashionable. Happy Friday folks.