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A guide to help the average man... look less average


Mark Kwak

Source: FashionBeans

Source: FashionBeans

Every year, Gap collaborates with GQ to showcase new and upcoming menswear designers across their stores. Todd Snyder, Ovadia & Sons and BLK DNM are some of the brands that have participated in the past.

I personally love this collaboration. Sure, the quality of the pieces aren't quite at the levels of the direct brands themselves, but they're not bad, and generally with beautiful design to boot. Plus, it's exciting to see Gap doing things outside of their normal, boring routine (Sorry Gap lovers).

This year, they've partnered with four designers: The Hill Side, David Hart, Stampd, and NSF. I'm already a Hill Side and David Hart fan, so I was definitely excited to hear that lineup when they announced it a couple months back.

These pieces often go on sale a couple months into the fall season and Gap coupons don't apply until that point... and that point is today! Every one of these pieces are on sale and you can apply the coupon code STYLE to get an additional 35% off.

Source: FashionBeans

Source: FashionBeans

Just for reference, some of my favorites from this collection are the David Hart tweed jacket, The Hill Side chambray tie (which at JCrew is more than triple the price), the NSF leather jacket (which is expensive and a bit trendier, but I loved it in person), and the Stampd leather backback. To see more, just type in Stampd, NSF, Hill Side, or David Hart into the search bar at

Also, what's cool about some of these pieces, like the Hill Side wallets, is that there is no Gap branding to be seen. It's almost like you're buying directly from these wonderful designers themselves! Alright folks, go wild and let me know what you think!