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A guide to help the average man... look less average

My Style Pet Peeves #2

Mark Kwak

A long time ago, I put up a post about some of my style-related pet peeves. To give you a quick referesher, they were as such: 1. Heavy designs on jean back pockets

2. Dress shirt collars hanging outside of sweaters

3. Dress belt & shoe color mismatch

4. Square toe dress shoes

Today, I bring you several more. Remember, these are just my style pet peeves. Of course you can continue to rock whatever you're comfortable with. I'll just be dying a little inside... just playing.

White athletic socks with dress shoes

When wearing dress shoes, please wear appropriate socks. Nothing's worse than ribbed white cotton peeking out from under your pant cuff. If you have to keep it easy, stick with a mid-gray sock that goes above your shin.

Boot cut jeans

I don't know what it is, but recently I've started to really dislike bootcut jeans. Now, they do make sense if you're wearing cowboy boots, but otherwise, I prefer a straight or tapered leg. People will inevitably disagree with me on this one (like customers of Nordstrom, apparently), but I personally don't like them. All my previous ones are at Goodwill.

Athletic shoes with slacks

I see some people trying this look to be fashion forward, but I'm not hopping on that train. Athletic shoes and dress slacks are two of the most contrasted pieces in a man's wardrobe. Keep them as far away from each other as possible.

Jeans that are just too skinny

I get that pants are getting skinnier and skinnier for men these days. It's not easy to figure out how slim a man should wear his pants in this day and age, but I will say that if you're going into the woman's department for denim, you're probably going too far. The picture above makes me feel uncomfortable. You need some breathing room, man.


My four pet peeves this time around. I wish these things didn't bother me so much, but some reason, they do. Woosah.