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Friends & Family sales

Mark Kwak

Hi everybody, happy Friday. A couple friends & family sales have popped up on my radar recently so I figured I'd put them up here in case you're interested. Not HUGE blockbuster sales, but decent sales nevertheless.

1. Jack Spade

Jack Spade is a company that I'm often on the edge on. They make fine pieces, but those pieces cost a little bit more than their quality is probably worth. However, I will say that they've been stepping up their game in design recently, and it's making me turn my head more every time I pass by their racks at Nordstrom.

I've definitely heard conflicting opinions on their bags, but personally think they're solid in construction and durability. Might be worth a look. Check out their wallets as well. Here's the code to take 30% off: FALL13FF

2. Saks 5th Ave.

Saks is currently having their Friends & Family sale as well- they're offering 25% off of most items. The issue with this sale is that sometimes 25% can seem negligible when the items being sold are way too damn expensive. I mean 25% off of a $2,000 jacket still keeps the jacket at $1,500.

Either way, I'm really considering pulling the trigger on this Miansai bracelet, which is a bit more cost-friendly. We'll see.

The code for 25% off is: FRNFAM

Happy shopping friends (and family), good luck out there!