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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Easy outfit strategy

Mark Kwak

If you’re anything like me, there are plenty of mornings where you snooze your alarm five too many times, and ultimately end up rushing out of the apartment without the ability to spare an extra second.

In these situations, you just don’t have the luxury of choosing out an elaborate outfit, or spending a millisecond more than you need to pick out and put on your clothing. Trust me, I understand.

Well, even in pickles like this, you can’t leave the apartment looking like crap right? Even if you spent zero time assembling your outfit, you don’t want anyone to know that was the case. Try to resist the urge to resort to your baseball cap, college-branded hoodie, and slip-on Vans.

Thus, here are my three strategies for getting dressed quickly.

1. If you have the extra time beforehand, pick out your outfit the night before. There are days where before I get to bed, I simply pull a shirt, jacket, pant, shoe, sock, and underwear from my closet, and set them on my chair, making it incredibly easy for me to put on my clothing the next morning.

2. Arrange your clothing so that your go-to, tried & true outfit is the most easily accessible. One of my good friends actually does this. He puts his white OCBD, dark blue raw denim, gray cardigan, and white sneakers all within 2 feet of each other in his wardrobe. Without thinking, he’s able to get in and out of his closet in virtually no time at all. Perhaps this strategy might work for you. Of course, this does take some initial effort, albeit not too much.

3. Stick to white/gray/black... or brown/beige. When putting together an outfit with very little time, just start pulling together pieces that are easy to match. We're talking blacks, whites, and greys (these colors work with everything), or if you're going with earth tones, just start bringing different browns/tans/beiges together. This way, color becomes one less thing to think about.

Maybe by implementing one or more of the steps above, you can finally get those extra 12 minutes of beauty rest without looking like a rancid hobo. Hey, anything to help a brother be as lazy as possible, right? If you have any other ideas, feel free to voice them in the comments below! Cheers fellas.