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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Doesn't take as much as you think

Mark Kwak

I'll be honest. In the world of menswear, things can get a little pretentious and overtly critical. As invaluable as resources like MFA on Reddit and Styleforum are for learning more about clothing, it can get a little intimidating to put yourself out there due to the likelihood of criticism and curses that may come your way for not quite standing up to their standards.

A seemingly normal getup in the #menswear world might consist of...

*inhale* fancy patterned tweed sport coats, artisanal pocket squares, handmade silk knit ties, rare colored shell cordovan oxfords, matching shell cordovan belts, perfectly tailored wool flannel trousers with a 2 inch cuff, astronomically expensive Swiss-made watches, European designer dress shirts with mother of pearl buttons, argyle wool socks, cashmere silk blend scarves, and locally sewn fedoras to top it all off. *exhale*

Well, for rest of you who are merely on a quest to look better than you currently do, let me remind you that it doesn't really take all of... that. As I've told you many times before, as long as your clothing is simple and fits well, you can look quite terrific. To remind you of some of these quite basic tips:

Try to mostly stick with basic colors. White, grey, navy, black, and blue.

Keep it simple. Plain T shirts, slim solid-colored dress shirts, straight leg denim, etc. The more simplicity, the easier it will be to mix and match.

Make sure the fit is as good as you can get it. This one is the hardest of the bunch because most guys are unfamiliar with what a good fit actually looks like. Just make sure there is very little extra fabric around, that lengths of sleeves, pants, etc. are paid attention to, and that you feel good when looking at yourself in the mirror while wearing your new clothes.

Find an honest friend. Appoint one of your friends who dresses well to judge your outfits every now and again. They should be able to point out what works and what doesn't. Don't be afraid of criticism as that's the only way you'll get any better!

Follow those quite simple tasks above and you should be able to improve the way you look substantially. Don't worry about the handmade knit ties just yet, you'll eventually get there.