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Colored shoelaces

Mark Kwak

First off, I want to say sorry for everyone who's wrote into me this last week and a half. Been pretty slow in replying back. I hate to give this generic reasoning, but unfortunately I've been super busy as of late. Anyhow, I did get one question that I wanted to share with you all and elaborate on a bit. It has to do with colored shoelaces:

I've been noticing colored shoelaces on black or brown oxfords from time to time. I've searched your blog for your opinion on the matter, but don't seem to have found anything. What is your take on this trend?  - Jon

Great question Jon. Personally, I am a fan of this colored shoelaces trend. Spices things up a bit, but does it subtly, unlike say... bright yellow chinos. However, I will say that you should reserve contrasting/colored shoe laces only for specific situations (read: more casual situations). In my opinion, wearing hot pink shoelaces on a black oxford shoe at a client meeting is both unprofessional and obnoxious. However, if you're wearing purple shoelaces with your Clarks Desert Boots during a casual night out, then I'm all for it.

When pairing contrasting laces with dress shoes, keep things as casual as you can. Try to avoid wearing green laces with conservative cap toes/plain toes, but instead try them on wingtips, brogued shoes, or other more casual offerings.

When looking at casual leather shoes, go wild. Just make sure the colors work somewhat cohesively. Just because you add some loud color to your black shoes doesn't mean it looks good.

Hope that helps!