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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Quick & random personal style tips

Mark Kwak

Today, I wanted to give you guys a couple quick, random style tips/tricks. No major theme here, just things that popped in the back of my head recently. Without further ado:

1. Always keep Tide-to-Go in your briefcase. Many a white shirt has been saved due to this handy dandy tool.

2. On a hot day, you may end up with visible swamp butt when wearing chinos and sitting down too long. Yeah, gross, but either way, make sure to check before standing up.

3. Quit the habit of rubbing food or dirt from your hands onto your jeans. One day you'll do it on a pair of white or khaki pants, and you'll regret it big time.

4. Don't talk about clothes all the time please. What you're wearing will tell the story enough.

5. Get a nice looking pair of sweatpants and slippers. You still want to look halfway presentable when you're at home and haven't showered in 2 days.