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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Quick style takeaways from my Euro-trip

Mark Kwak

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Sorry I've been away folks. Been traveling around Greece, Italy, and the UK for the last two weeks, and haven't had access to so little internet since 1998. Learned and experienced a ton, but I have to say, with regards to #menswear, I had a couple random takeaways, which are of course completely subjective. Thought I'd share them here:

1. In the UK, if you're dressed well, you'll be called "smart" or "fit."

2. Greece during the summertime = wearing a ton of white. Beach-mode to the max.

3. London is one well-dressed town, wow. Suits, sport coats, and trenches galore.

4. Didn't go to Milan, but the Italians I saw weren't dressed all that well. Well, not the men at least.

5. Leather is everywhere in Florence, good lord. Looking for a leather wallet, jacket, or whatever? Firenze is the place.

6. Being stylish is a good way to distinguish yourself from other tourists. (Aka, not get pick-pocketed, disrespected, etc.)

7. Clothing in the UK is incredibly expensive. It's better in Italy, but probably not enough for me to buy clothes overseas.

8. Euro airports surprisingly have some great sales / deals. In the London Heathrow airport, I saw a ton of Burberry, Paul Smith, and Ted Baker pieces for 50-70% off.

9. Shorts are a must for the hot sun in Greece and Italy.

10. There are so many good looking women in Europe. Yeah that's menswear-related right?

So there you go, my random takeaways. Now goodbye vacation, back to real life.