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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Mark Kwak

DSC_0007Beautiful SF

First off, I just want to thank all you guys for the questions, comments, and emails that you've written in. Makes me feel real good to help out somehow.

Thought I would post up a FAQ on my webpage soon, but wanted to first put a couple of the Q&As on here in case you were interested:

What kind of camera do you use?

I actually have one of the most basic DSLRs out there, the Nikon D3100. I used the stock lens for a while, but now have upgraded to a 35mm 1.8 which I really like.

Who takes pictures of you?

Depends. Sometimes it's just me and a tripod, sometimes it's my roommate Chris, sometimes it's my brother. Whoever's willing to stand the awkwardness, really.

What platform do you host your blog on?

I currently use Wordpress as a blogging platform, but host through In Motion Hosting.

Where are you located?

I live in the awesome city of San Francisco, but am sometimes back at home in Portland, OR.

What do you do for a living?

Currently I'm working full-time at Google. I'm also trying to start a podcast on the side.

Is all the content on your site your own?

Yep. Except for the simpler woman posts, and pictures that I write the source down for, all content is mine.

How do you work with brands?

I've started to get a lot of requests from brands, but I am pretty selective in terms of what I'm willing to put on the blog. I swear to you, you'll never see me pushing a graphic T with skulls and crossbones on it. I'll also make sure to explicitly let you know if I've received a product from a brand, so you're at least aware!

Is all the clothing you wear your own?

Pretty much, yes.

Why do you post so sporadically?

Oftentimes life gets in the way, but I'm really trying to be better about it. Keep me accountable though.


Alright that's it for now, will post these up on a FAQ page in the site soon, cheers!