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A guide to help the average man... look less average


Mark Kwak

alden brown I think every man should own a pair of wingtips.

For those of you who do not know what wingtips are, the picture above should give you a good idea. Basically, it's a shoe that has a wing-shaped design on it that creates a sort of "W" on the front of the shoe. Most wingtips end near the ball of the foot, but there's also a version of the wingtip known as the longwing, where the "wing" circles around the entirety of the shoe.

Anyhow, I personally think wingtips are awesome. They're classy, but not boring. They walk the line perfectly between formal and casual. Basically they are versatile shoes that can add that much-needed spice to your potentially boring solid black and brown shoe collection.

Personally, my favorite wingtips are made by American shoemakers Alden & Allen Edmonds. The Allen Edmonds McAllister is a fine choice, and can sometimes be found on sale at Nordstrom, and the Alden Long Wing Blucher is also a classic that will likely never go out of style. I know, they're expensive, but I personally splurged on a pair and have zero regrets. Perhaps you're contemplating doing the same?