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Me time

Mark Kwak

Note: This post has nothing to do with style, but I thought I'd share anyway.

Every now and again, I'll have a day where I come home from work and I feel physically and mentally depleted.

You know, one of those days where it's somehow your job to put out every work-related fire under the sun? A day where teammates are putting you under unnecessary pressure, and clients are yelling at you for a problem that you have no control over?

Anyhow, when I get home from one of those days, I generally don't want to stare at a computer screen and I don't even want to watch TV, since I would just be staring at yet another screen, like I had been doing for the previous 10 hours.

Instead, in these situations I like to have what's known as a little me-time. About an hour or two where I can purposely ignore the chaos that is life, and simply focus on myself.  I'm sure you all have your own version of this as well, but in case you want to know what my me-time looks like, here's the rundown.

1. I open up a book (currently Game of Thrones) or a magazine (currently Bloomberg Businessweek) and begin to casually read.

2. I'll also make sure to turn on the Pandora station "Cool Jazz" and listen to Miles Davis improvise masterfully through my hi-fi speakers.

3. This all happens while I sit cross-legged on my lounge chair, which I think is incredibly comfortable.

4. And lastly, I'll pour myself a glass of scotch whiskey, and sip at it slowly to take some of the edge off.

Geez, now that I think about it, I sound like an old man.

Anyhow, a couple hours of that, and I'll generally feel a bit better. My stress levels will decline and my technology-induced A.D.D. will temporarily subside.

So I'm curious what your me-time looks like. Is it you laying on your bed, flipping through Flipboard on your iPad? Is it putting your earphones on and running through the park while listening to Pink Floyd? Perhaps it's you writing in a journal till your stresses have been transferred from your mind to a piece of paper. Let me know!

Also, in case you don't have any sort of me-time routine, I would strongly encourage you to get one. Why? Because you deserve some nice relaxation from your hectic life, and if a routine can help you get that, then the question becomes, why not?