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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Making your closet likable

Mark Kwak

Source: California Closets

In the last several years, I've upgraded my closet substantially. Before, I didn't care what my closet looked like, what was in it, or how it was organized. It was simply a storage area for clothing that I happened to own. If anything, it was always a daily chore to go into my closet and get the right things for me to wear. I would generally just resort to pulling out whatever was easiest to access, rather than what looked best.

Things have clearly changed, and now, my closet is a joy to look at, and an even greater joy to organize. And no, for those of you who are afraid of feeling effeminate about liking your closet, it's definitely not "girly." In fact, I'd argue it can be a manly thing, since when I open my closet, I feel like I'm accessing a mini man-cave filled with luxurious silk ties, sleek suits, badass leather jackets and pure testosterone.

So how did this transformation occur, you ask? Well, truthfully you're probably going to have to redo your closet altogether, and that takes some time, patience, and effort. But the good news is that once you've done it, it's not hard to maintain. It's just about taking that first step of taking everything out, and putting it back in.

Here are my 4 tips to making your closet more likable:

1. Purge, purge, purge. Clutter is the prime reason that men do not want to deal with their closets. It was for me. However, if you start weeding out pieces you haven't worn for 1 full year, and pieces that you find too out of date, too large, or too ridiculous to wear, then immediately, you'll find that your closet looks far better than it used to.

2. Know what to fold, know what to hang. I wrote a blog post about this before, but knowing what to hang and what to fold is a great way to start organizing your stuff. You'll clearly know to get your jeans from your dresser, and your wool coat from your closet.

3. Create a system of order. You want your dark clothing on the left, your light clothing on the right? Or perhaps divided by season? Or maybe by clothing type, like shirts on the left, and jackets on the right? Build some sort of system that helps you identify where to find what. It makes choosing your clothing efficient, and also makes your closet look real nice. I personally hang my shirts on one side (organized from light to dark), and my outerwear/formalwear on the other side (organized from casual to formal).

4. Get nice hangers. This detail seems petty, but I assure you that it's important. The moment I replaced my plastic hangers with wood ones, I felt like my closet was all grown up. Then I added some nice touches like a cedar belt hanger, a cedar tie hanger, and some broad shouldered hangers for my sport coats and suits. I felt like Barney Stinson.

So I hope these tips can help you enjoy your closet just a little bit more. If you feel like it's undoable, hey, trust me, I used to hate going into my closet to get stuff, but now, I feel like it's a pleasure each and every day. Get at it.