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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Dress shirt & tie, and Hugh & Crye dress shirts

Mark Kwak

I like ties. The look and feel of putting one on just makes my day. Yes, I know I sound like a weirdo saying this, but I'm being truthful. However, the problem with ties is that they are simply too formal for most everyday situations. I work in tech, so a tie is definitely a no-no. I also live in San Francisco, which is a city that never got the memo that says it's okay to be formal every now and again. Thus, you can see my dilemma.

Well, I think I'm going to go against the status quo on this one. I'm going to try and start wearing ties on a more regular basis in this uber casual environment I live in.

I also want to make sure I ease into the process, and casualize (likely not a real word) my necktie outfits a bit, pairing ties with more casual pieces. Like below:


Wearing wool cargo pants here (cargo pocket not really visible in the picture) and a patterned shirt, to bring the formality down a bit. 


Another way to make things more casual is by rolling up the sleeves and going jacket-less. 

Shirt: Hugh & Crye | Tie: Drake's | Pants: Ovadia & Sons | Shoes: Peal & Co.

I also want to mention that in these pictures, I'm wearing a dress shirt by a company called Hugh & Crye. They're a relatively new business, but in perusing their site, I noticed that they have some really good looking shirts, not to mention ties and pocket squares to complement.

What interested me the most about this company was their approach to fit. With any online shirtmaker, I often hesitate to purchase because I'm afraid that the fit will be poor. My dimensions aren't necessarily cookie-cutter, so it's always a challenge. Well, the good news is that Hugh & Crye has this pretty nifty chart that gives people more options when it comes to sizing. If you're skinny and short, then there's a shirt for you. Tall and slim? No problem, got you covered.

Personally, I think the fit, right out of the box, was pretty great for me. The picture below might make it seem like there's tugging in some areas, but it's actually a bit deceiving. There's decent room in the shirt, and thus, it's comfortable.


Altogether, I think the designs are solid, the fit is wonderful, and the online shopping experience is awesome. But of course, the main question you're all asking is how is the quality?

Well, I've only had the shirt for a week, so please take my words with a grain of salt. However, based on fist impressions, the shirt is pretty good for the price. You can usually get a shirt at Hugh & Crye for $85 ($105 for luxury), and sometimes on sale for $60. The material is comfortable, the collars are nice and structured, and the construction seems to be good overall.

I won't say that these are the best shirts I've gotten at this price point though. First off, the fabric could stand to be both more breathable and hefty. Perhaps I need to try out their other fabrics, but the shirt I have necessarily doesn't scream luxury to me. Second, the construction is good, but I find myself being a little scared to test the limit on how well the seams are stitched together, because I can't help but feel like they're delicate.

Overall though, I can't complain. Great fit, amazing customer service experience, decent quality, and solid designs? Call me in.