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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Don't become a fashion victim

Mark Kwak

Source: DrJays

Recently, I read an article that talked about today's menswear enthusiasts becoming "fashion victims," and interestingly enough, I came to agree with most of the points that the article brought up.

So this probably begs the question: what exactly is a fashion victim? Well, it's a person who tries to adopt every fashion trend he or she comes across, usually without taking important things, like lifestyle or body type, into consideration. The man who read an article on Esquire and decides to wear colorful bow ties and suspenders to his casual tech start-up, where everyone else is wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Or the huge bodybuilder guy who heard skinny jeans were all the rage these days, and thus follows suit, despite the fact that his thighs look like they'll rip out of his pants at any given moment.

These fashion victims end up looking awkward, uncomfortable, and over-the-top, simply because they ignore the fact that there is more to dressing better than following the latest runway trends. Thus, here are some tips on how to avoid becoming a fashion victim:

1. Don't take fashion magazines too seriously.

The thing about GQ, Esquire, and Details is that they often want to mix things up every now and again with risky and crazy-trendy pieces. I would assume they do this in order to keep their content interesting and new, but also to encourage sales of certain types of clothing. Thus, don't read these subscriptions like a bible of style, but instead, simply take inspiration and cues from things you like the look of.

2. Be simplistic.

Time and time again, I encourage you guys to keep things simple. I mean, the name of this blog is simpler man, is it not? Stick to the basics as best as you can, and you'll always be styling! When you feel like mixing things up with trendy pieces, I say go for it, but it would probably be smart to incorporate one risky piece at a time into a simple or basic outfit.

3. Take brand out of the equation.

Yes, brand name can be a good indicator of quality. However, don't put too much weight into brand name when purchasing a trendy, new piece of clothing. Make sure you ask yourself if you are buying something just because it's currently in style or because it genuinely suits you. Would you buy the garment if it wasn't that particular brand? If the answer is no, then you should probably rethink whether you want it or not.

4. Remember who you are.

Always take your life into consideration before buying clothing. If you're never in any formal situations, it might not be worth it to get that shiny tuxedo jacket, even when everyone on the runway is wearing one. Likewise, if you've got a little extra weight, or are a bit short, or whatever the case, remember what types of clothing work best on you. It's not worth it to look like a fool just because you want to stay on trend. Alas, always remember that you should be comfortable and confident in what you're wearing.