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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Thoughts from a simpler woman: Bold Accessories

Mark Kwak

It's that time again. That time where I disappear for a bit, and bring to you a more important perspective on menswear than my own- a woman's. If you haven't checked out my previous "simpler woman" posts, you should definitely take a look. Here they are for you: 1 , 2 , 3 .

Today, we'll hear from one of my old college friends, Emilie. She's a fashion guru at heart, but also kind of a bonafide genius in pretty much every subject known to man (cough... that one Boston school... cough.... 4.0 galore). Thus, it might be worth it to listen to her advice.


Bold Accessories

While I cannot quite put my finger on it, there is something about a man who enjoys the simple pleasures in life that catches my gaze.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s that guy at the corner coffee shop who takes his drip coffee in-house, absorbed in a dog-eared copy of the WSJ.  It’s that guy who enjoys a quiet whisky on the rocks after a long night at the office.  There is just something about a man with the confidence to enjoy the small pleasures in life.

Style is no exception. It’s that extra bit of bold execution, shouting adoration for life, that brings a grin to my curious eyes.  What better way to exude this sort of boldness than through tastefully-placed accessories? To me, the unexpected burst of color and whimsy can add so much to any man's outfit.


Audacious socks that peek out from beneath an ensemble of dark slacks and a pressed button-up bring a hint of fun to the usual dark getup.  I’ve met my fair share of corporate men and it’s the ones that can make me laugh and bring a little humor that can make or break an evening.  Though you may be fenced behind a corporate lifestyle, a bit of unexpected cotton color hints at your affinity to flirt with life.

BOSS dress socks

boss socks

Simply Bold

A simple, bold watch hints at those nostalgic Calvin and Hobbes days.  Only now, the kid behind that grin is a youthful, twenty-something with a quick wit and an easy laugh.  Not every workday mandates a Patek Philippe dripping from your wrist.  With ease and some confidence, a playful watch will definitely invite a few grins your way.


Tic O-Clock Watch  


Eyeglasses are a statement piece.  Forget the wire-rimmed spectacles that scream “I was an extra on Office Space.”  The subtle sexiness of a well-read man doesn’t escape us women.  Frame your face with a pair of fun edges.  We won’t be able to stop ourselves from imagining tossing those rims bedside later…if you ever happen to look up from that copy of the WSJ.  Have a little fun with an unconventional pair of specs.


Oliver Peoples NDG-1


Emilie Simpler WomanEmilie, a Bay Area native, and recent convert to whiskey, currently lives in Boston.  In between hitting the books, she loves to get her travel on and restaurant visits in.  She thoroughly misses San Francisco (if anyone is willing to send her some Philz coffee beans, she will forever be delighted).