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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Inspiration blog posts

Mark Kwak

It's only Tuesday, but I've already been quite inspired by posts from two menswear blogs that I read. My first inspiration came from a blog that several of my friends referred me to. The blog literally started yesterday, but judging by the posts, I think it will soon become one of my favorite menswear blogs of all time. It's called Menswear Dog and I would explain why their posts inspired me, but I'll let the picture below do the talking:

Ingenious? Yes. Do I have anything more to say? No.


The second post that I was inspired by was written by Derek over at, a blog I follow somewhat regularly. These guys explain classic style well, and are probably one of the biggest menswear blogs that I know of.

Anyway, they put up a post yesterday titled "If I Could Speak to My Younger Self," going over some style advice that a more experienced man might give to his less stylish, younger self. Advice like prioritize fit over everything else, and always prioritize quality over quantity, are part of this list (and elaborated on), and I basically agree with all of it.


When you have the time, check both sites out! I think a big part of my job is to help bring style inspirations to you when I can, and let's be real, if a dog wearing a tie and blazer isn't going to inspire you to dress better, what is?