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A guide to help the average man... look less average

What am I wearing 12.23.12

Mark Kwak

Sometimes, you just want to feel comfortable and warm. Well, for me it's just one of those days. Here's what I'm wearing... while heating up some hot water for my tea.


A shawl collar cardigan can be worn with so much; it's so versatile. This is a very casual outfit for me, and I feel the cardigan doesn't look out of place, despite being equally appropriate with a dress shirt and tie.


Interesting story about the pair of chucks I'm wearing. They were gifted to me by the person who designed them (a designer at Converse). Honestly, I don't know how many pairs of these are around, but my suspicion is that it's quite limited. Shout out to my cousin for hooking it up.


Even if you wear a simple T-shirt, it can still be a solid contributor to your overall look. In this case, I feel like the popping color of burgundy helps this shirt be one of the standout pieces of this outfit.

Cardigan: Brooks Brothers | Shirt: Rag & Bone | Watch: Omega

Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: Converse

It's so interesting... I put this outfit together on a whim based on how I felt (wanted some comfort and warmth), but it looks like every item I'm wearing is kind of a "trend" item. The chunky shawl collar cardigan has been the thing to wear this winter, the colors burgundy (or oxblood as many like to call it) & olive green are prime colors for Fall/Winter 2012, and cargo pants have only recently begun to become popular again in mainstream fashion. Maybe I gotta take it easy on the fashion trends!

Either way, thought I'd share with you a comfortable look that you can easily emulate if you feel like it. Happy Holidays folks, stay comfortable and warm.

Now to get back to my hot tea.