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Menswear Designer Event Highlights

Mark Kwak

Recently, I got invited to a private menswear designer event in downtown San Francisco. It was held at the Macy's men's store in Union Square, and the hosts basically blocked off an entire floor to hold a social mixer. Not my usual scene, but hey, I'm not going to argue with complimentary drinks & hors d'oeuvres, a legit DJ, models, and various fashion designers/merchandisers making appearances. Didn't think there was anything groundbreaking that happened during the event (spent most my time talking to my +1 anyway), but I did want to share some pictures with you guys and let you know how my experience was overall. Sorry if the picture quality is mediocre. Lighting at the venue was interesting to say the least, and an iPhone can only do so well in those situations.

Some new and upcoming menswear fashion designers, like Justin Jamison, held booths at the event.

Models standing on pedestals in highly stiff poses. Fun and interesting, but kind of awkward actually.

Booths to watch fashion week runway shows. Or just to sit down and have a cocktail.

Came home with a really cool goody bag. Hugo Boss wallet, fun socks, and a rock solid wine bottle opener/aerator? Legit.

During the event, I was able to talk to a couple bloggers, clothing merchandisers, fashion designers, and uber VIP Macy's customers. Turns out that most people were there for the free booze, so I kept menswear-talk to a minimum.

However, when it came to designers, I made sure to ask plenty of questions to find out about where their inspiration came from, what the process of designing is like, and what they look to do in the future. I'll likely be connecting with Justin Jamison (one of the upcoming designers in the above picture) in the near future to do an interview with him and give you guys some insight into what a designer is thinking when building out clothing. Will certainly keep you updated.

Anyway, if the real point of the mixer was to get people to purchase items at Macy's, it looks like their tactics worked. I ended up purchasing a BOSS coat that I think looks... well, boss. Thankfully, this coat stopped me from doing any big black Friday shopping, so I guess I'll have to thank them.

Anyhow, big thanks to Macys for the invite, and also hosting the event. Was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

Till next time.