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A guide to help the average man... look less average

One day series

Mark Kwak

In one day, you can probably get away with wearing just one outfit. Get dressed in the morning, wear those clothes the entire day, then undress before you go to bed.

Some days though, I just have too many events occurring for me to skate by them all with just one outfit. Thank God it's not every day, but there are rare occasions when I will go through 5 separate outfits in one 24 hour span, due to whatever may be happening during that particular day. For that reason, I wanted to start a series showcasing my preferences for each occasion, and provide my perspective on what I find appropriate and what I don't.

Like I said, on a particularly busy day, I can find myself wearing 5 separate outfits:

1. Outfit for the office.

2. Outfit for the gym.

3. Outfit for dinner.

4. Outfit for going out at night.

5. Outfit for home.

  I'll start with #1 tomorrow (outfit for the office), but also want to field any questions or concerns you may have regarding other occasions than the ones I listed above. Maybe I'll add those situations to the bunch as well. Either way, be on the look out my fashion-forward friends.