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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Simpler closet

Mark Kwak

Simpler men should have even simpler closets. Let's put the days of clutter, confusion, and chaos behind us... it's time to purge & organize. Not only will you feel clean and refreshed after it's done, but your lady friend(s) will immediately find you a bit more desirable. I'm sure you'll also get some brownie points from mom. Check out some of the closets below for inspiration.

I'm a fan of the blue & black thing going on here. So damn simple and fresh. Something tells me a wardrobe this tiny doesn't actually work though.

Toj designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen.

Wooden hangers are a godsend. Elevate the class of your wardrobe with some.

Organize properly by clothing type. See how pants are all on the bottom, shirts on top?

Just some basic guidelines for organizing your closet in a way that makes it aesthetically pleasing. If you've got the space, it shouldn't take very long either.

1. Purge. If you haven't worn it in 6 months, donate it. I can go deeper into the topic of purging in a future post, but this is crucial for a simple wardrobe.

2. Fold. Sweaters, t shirts, denim and athletic clothes should all be nicely folded. If you're lazy, just toss them in a dresser where you can't see them. Eh, I recommend folding.

3. Hang. Collared shirts, jackets, dress pants and suits should all be hung up. Belts and ties as well, but you should get a separate hanger for both of them. Here's my tie hanger.

4. Hangers matter. Get yourself some decent clothes hangers. Wire hangers can ruin your clothing, and thin plastic hangers are passable, but are surpassed by thicker plastics, felt, and wood.

5. Color coordinate. I wouldn't say this is necessary, but a closet that's coordinated by some sort of color looks exponentially more slick.

  So let's go home tonight after work and start organizing. It sounds daunting, I know. But once you get started, I promise you'll be a happier man. A simpler man.