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A guide to help the average man... look less average

Four levels of work-appropriate casual

Mark Kwak

With new companies these days, the workplace has become a very casual environment. Some say this is bad news for fashion, I respectfully disagree.

I've taken a basic casual outfit (blue gingham oxford cloth button down, dark wash denim, and brown boots) and dressed it up one piece at a time. Here are four levels of casual, plus a debut of the real me. Please excuse the serious face.

Roll up the sleeves, untuck the shirt, and cuff the pants. Super casual, but the outfit is still nice enough to go into the office with.

Tuck the shirt, uncuff the bottoms... the clean generic office look.

Unroll the sleeves and put a sports coat or blazer on. Dapper.

Slap a tie on (casual tie here since we're pairing with denim) and I guarantee you, people will comment on your outfit.

Black Fleece shirt ::  Perry Ellis Belt :: Tellason denim ::  Allen Edmonds boots :: Hickey Freeman jacket :: Ovadia & Sons tie.

My opinion? Dress up your casual outfits once in a while. You'll get some notice, and you'll feel great.